Don't Give Up, Ladies

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Don't Give Up, Ladies

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Yes, our glorious summer has ended.

But wasn't she fabulous? All bright and shiny and beautiful? And then, mercifully, she ushered in a Most Beautiful Autumn.

Colorful, vibrant and cool.

In other words, our kind of chick.

So... what will we do to fend off the dreaded winter a bit longer?

We will gather colorful, vibrant and cool women together in one place.


Girls' Get Together

Sunday, Nov 12th at 5pm

Girls' Get Together

Sunday, Nov 12th at 5pm

In other words...

A gathering of badass women.

Powerful things happen when powerful women get together:

new friends

good times

big ideas

food & wine

things get done

I left an incredible social network behind when I left Atlanta, and while I still love my Southern friends dearly,

They are not here.

Thankfully, you are. And I'd love to get to know you and your friends better. Please join me and some of my newest favorite people as we build connections for business, fun and adventure.


Do not mess with us, winter.



For You Planners

For You Planners

Cast off your cares and join us!


the party is sunday, nov 12 || schedule it.

we start around 5PM || C'MON IN.

BRING A DISH TO SHARE || if you want.

bring A tasty SOMETHING TO SIP || if you want.

we'll have nibbles and drinks || so relax.

you'll meet some other cool women || like you.

this place is hard to find || see below.

let us know if you're coming by friday || rsvp y'all.

RSVP right here.

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Here's the easy way to let me know whether you'll be there or not:

Location of Eagle Point

Our home is located on Eagle Point, which is practically impossible to find if you're not carefully looking for it. Even people who drive Terwilliger Boulevard every day have never noticed our street. The address is below, but here are a couple of important clues:

Ideas - 28.png

4072 SW Lowell Lane, Portland OR 97239

Park in the small gravel driveway, or come on back to the 2nd house.

  • There are two SW Lowell Lanes off Terwilliger, each about 50 yards from each other.
  • You want the one that is RIGHT NEXT TO where SW Hamilton Terrace intersects Terwilliger. Turning in to our street looks like you're turning on to SW Hamilton Terrace. But you're not.
  • Our street looks like a gravel driveway. Look for a Dead End sign and a guard rail separating it from SW Hamilton Terrace.
  • Carpool or walk if you can; parking is limited. There is a small gravel parking lot as soon as you turn into our street that you may use. You may also drive on back to our house.
  • There are two houses on our street; ours is the second one you come to.

rilla's cell phone: 770-361-4186