An online Christmas greeting. Is this what we've come to?

Pretty much.

But come on! You're probably on your phone right now anyway, fitting us in between other things, so we figure we're bringin' some good old fashioned Yuletide spirit to you in a most convenient way.

You're welcome.

Let's cut to the chase. Merry Christmas! If you're Jewish, Happy Belated Hanukkah! If you're agnostic or "other," we hope December 25th finds you in a merry mood anyway. Not too many other days of the year you get to act merry, so go with it.

Lots of changes for us this year. Good ones! If you have a couple of minutes, check out the site and see what we're talking about. Better yet, come see us and hang out. That would be much better. Also, check out our high-falutin' quote from Dickens below. Classy, amiright? 


Christmas time! That man must be a misanthrope indeed, in whose breast something like a jovial feeling is not roused - in whose mind some pleasant associations are not awakened - by the recurrence of Christmas.
— Charles Dickens

Primpin' for the Holidays

Getting in the mood -- the CHRISTMAS mood -- means getting the house all gussied up with green and red stuff pulled from big Rubbermaid containers. Done!  We have the #firstworldprob of decorating two places... our home in Marietta along with our lake house (called Periphery).

Check out the sweet cedar garland and stuff. Can you tell which tree is the real one?