Although I rode over 300 miles today, this was really the ride before the ride — the one to get me to Savannah so I can start at the coast.

My first stop was in Peachtree City, GA to say goodbye to our loved and remarkable friend Kristi Smith Atkins, who on Friday finally succumbed to her cancer battle at only 51 years old. Her memorial service was a fitting tribute and a stark reminder of life’s brevity. Rilla and I will miss her.

I somehow dodged a number of rain showers on the ride to a Savannah, and stuck to the interstate for this leg. Just tried to get here ASAP.

The weather is hot and humid, and I visited a local Irish pub to listen to my favorite singalongs and get a pint of Smithwicks.

I took a long stroll back to my hotel and passed by our friend Tiffani Taylor’s art gallery. Hers was the first art Rilla and I purchased together and her pieces are in the most prominent places in our home in Oregon.