If I were going to stay an extra night anywhere, Nashville proved an excellent choice. So many people having fun. If you haven’t been there, definitely put it on your list.

The forecast was still daunting, so rather than head straight to St. Louis, I traveled due west to Jackson Tennessee, and then began heading north. Eventually the storms caught up with me, and I was able to ride out the worst of it in a great little Mexican place in rural Kentucky that wasn’t allowed to serve me a beer on Sundays, but the owner slid into the booth next to me and she whispered: “you want me to pour some in a cup for ya?” So I enjoyed a cold, illegal Coors Light as the tornado sirens were blaring outside. The five or so people I met in the restaurant were a little fascinated by my trip and spent an hour asking questions and offering advice. So the next time you’re in Bardwell, KY on a Sunday and want a cold beer, pop in to Molcajete’s and tell ‘em Chuck sent ya.

I rode in the rain for about an hour and saw mass flooding for over 100 miles. Crossing the Mississippi was incredible. I couldn’t believe how huge it was, especially at its crest, and it took two long bridges to get across into Missouri. Flooding continued all along the sides of the interstate and several exits were closed.

Rolled into St Louis and pulled over to take a photo of the arch. It’s my first time here. I then launched my Hotel Tonight app and had a room reserved at the Angad Arts hotel in two minutes. Rode past Busch Stadium all lit up for a Cardinals/Angels game and checked into the hotel, which is amazing. Reception is on the 12th floor, at the foot of a staircase that takes you to a penthouse lounge and rooftop bar with the most stunning views of the city. I met some locals who had lived here their entire lives who are visiting the rooftop for the first time and said it was the greatest view of the city they had ever seen. Apparently this place just opened, and it is very, very unexpected and cool.

I think today I head towards Iowa. Time to check the map and the forecast.