I’ll have to say.... the ride through Nebraska did not disappoint!

That’s largely because I had low expectations. Never before have I ridden so far in a straight line. At one point, the road almost curved. Almost.

I left Omaha and rode about 45 miles to a Harley Davidson dealer who checked my air pressure and oil level. We added a half quart of oil to the beast, I cleaned off the entomological carnage (which took some time) and got back on the road.

I think the next turn I took was into my hotel 7 hours later. And let’s just say that my lodging options have taken a turn for the meager. But actually I like it. I only see these sorts of motels in movies so it’s all good.

If you’re looking for great photos, today wasn’t the day to capture them. But have a look at what I got. The ride was cornfields and gently rolling hills or flatlands. I included a small video for you so that you can experience my day in its entirety.

The trip meter is at about 2200 miles in the saddle so far.

Tomorrow morning I head for Mount Rushmore and the badlands of Wyoming. Things should start getting more interesting from here...