Left the little western town of Ennis this morning after a proper breakfast at the Pharmacy on Main Street. People who live in towns like this don’t play. If they have a truck (which they do), it’s for work. If they have a cowboy hat, it’s for reals. And if they cook you breakfast, it’s not gonna be a parfait. And if they put up a flag, it’s not just because it’s the 4th of July. God bless these people. 

Today was about putting some miles behind me. Rode 360 miles, only stopping for gas, along the most stunning stretch of interstate imaginable. I mean the WHOLE THING was stunning scenery. Still loving it. Set the cruise control on 80, got a few podcasts going, and just rode. 

Staying at an intensely meager motel in Couer d’Alene, Idaho tonight. A gorgeous destination. Except my motel. Everything else was booked because the Ironman is here tomorrow. 

About to take in a comedy show. Cheers, y’all.